Customer service
We are experts in building loyalty and promoting high customer retention
How CS works
  • Email marketing
    Build relationships using drip campaigns. Our team of ecommerce managers will help automate a newsletter series for new customers
  • Blogging
    Our team of copywriters will help establish domain expertise via professional publications
  • WhatsApp Business
    We tap into the domain of conversation commerce with the help of WhatsApp Business. The voice of your of brand has never been more personal than it is now
  • Feedback management
    We track your brand performance on social media and search, and timely respond to negative feedback, helping you to convert deractors into promoters
  • Google and Trustpilot ranking
    90% of customers are willing to give feedback, yet only 10% of companies ask for it. We make sure that great feedback is reflected on Google and Trustpilot
  • Live support
    We stay in touch with your customers on all shopping related matters be it product description or shipping arrangements