Alex Afanasyev
Alex launched his first IT company in Australia – an online platform for top-tier marketeers and accountants bhive that is currently working in Latin America.
In 2016 Alex launched a digital self-storage service Gettabox in Spain, while as soon as in 2022 he consulted Kearney on launching a similar platform for an incumbent self-storage company in Madrid.
As an employed e-commerce professional Alex led the front-office of the largest e-commerce enabler in ASEAN.
Alex also co-founded a DNVB coffee company in Slovenia, developed five signature coffee blends and signed up two grocery chains reaching over 130% MoM growth rate.

Currenty, Alex is focused on helping sustainable manufacturers in EUrope and MENA launch eco-friendly online business on marketplace, social media, and online storefronts.

Alex graduated from BSc at Moscow Engineering Physics Institue and from Master of Accounting and Performance Management at The University of Adelaide, and obtained an MBA from IE Business School.

Alex is English and Russian fluent.