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Amazon Scripted

SSP 445

VitaCup | Grocery | 8-figure seller on Amazon US
41:23 condensed

  • Badges are badges – they catch attention. Smart packaging gains you a Climate Pledge Friendly certificate on Amazon (learn more on Climate Pledge).
  • Coupons – we get 20% conversion on 20% coupons. It’s evergreen, it converts like a charm. Enough said.
  • PPC is everything. Even if you are an established brand within the space you’re selling in, and then you look at the ratio of Organic vs. Paid spots in Search – you have to have a PPC strategy (Amazon Launchpad is suspended at the time of posting, 22/06/2023).
  • Premium A+ – this content is amazing… but pricey. The offer is invite-only, and it comes at $250,000 price tag and a number of prerequisites.
  • Mobile-first – always bet on mobile device users. When you do listing optimization, try to anticipate what it's going to look like on mobile devices. Because this is where most of the users are searching on.
  • Emojis – ever thought of using emojis in 5 Bullets? Amazon might get mad, but who knows, you might get through:) nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  • Defensive ads – such campaigns are mandatory if you're operating in a very comoditized niche.
  • Use Bundles in product listings– the strategy gets you another slot on the digital shelf, so you press ads further down below.
  • Featured Products – try to figure out which products sell in bundles and add them to a comparison table.
  • Unique Finds – ever tried to make it to that category? Ever wondered how it's different from Interesting Finds?
  • Follow the brand you love – one of the best ways to implement CRM in the Branded Shop on Amazon. Send out weekly emails, engage with users, promote UGC. Hit those who follow your brand and who bought from you. No CTA but you'll figure.
  • Wallmart is still young. But the way they approach Amazon is so strategic that we might witness a shift in some categories. Engage with Wallmart – the time is not going to be wasted.
  • Variations are amazing to captivate customers. People typically not get distracted by other brands in Search. It feels like a D2C Shopify experience. The more variations the merrier.
  • Images for packaging and the packaging itself is designed very strategically for Amazon: fits the space, highlights key features (some prefer to read off the image).
  • Subsciptions are magic. We do not make money on first PPC launches but we catch up on Subscribe and Save.
  • Titles of products on Amazon app are limited to 80-90 characters – try to get the most relevant information within the first 70-75 characters.